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Recovery from Anorexia


Do you try to control your weight by restricting food, eating small quantities or fasting? Are you obsessed with your body image and how you look? Have you used pills or compulsive exercise to control your weight? Find out how our anorexic members overcame these debilitating symptoms to find freedom from addictive eating.


These are the stories of how some of our members came to find a solution to their anorexia in Addictive Eaters Anonymous. This way of life is available to you, too. We suggest you read these stories of eating disorder recovery with an open mind. Focus on the similarities, rather than the differences. Whatever your problem with food, AEA can help. 

Listen to an AEA member's experience of recovery from Anorexia

AEA Stories

Any opinions expressed in these stories are those of the individual members, and do not necessarily reflect those of AEA as a whole.

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