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Recovery from Binge Eating


Do you go through periods of controlled eating and then binge? Don’t know how to stop binge eating? Do you find you can exercise willpower in certain areas of your life, but not where food is concerned? Does the way you eat baffle you? Find out how some of our binge eating members have found release from food obsession by working the AEA Twelve Step programme.


These are the stories of how some of our members came to find a solution to their binge eating in Addictive Eaters Anonymous. This way of life is available to you, too. We suggest you read these stories of eating disorder recovery with an open mind. Focus on the similarities, rather than the differences. Whatever your problem with food, AEA can help.

Listen to an AEA member's experience of recovery from Binge Eating

AEA Stories

Any opinions expressed in these stories are those of the individual members, and do not necessarily reflect those of AEA as a whole.

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