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Is Addictive Eaters Anonymous for you?

Only you can decide whether or not Addictive Eaters Anonymous is for you. For many of us, accepting that we were addictive eaters is the best thing we have ever done; it was our first step on the road to recovery. Take a look at the following fifteen questions below. Approach them honestly and with an open mind.


Fifteen Questions to ask yourself

1. Do you eat when you are not hungry?

2. Do you find when you start eating you cannot stop?

3. Do you constantly think about food?

4. Are you always on diets but unable to stick to them?

5. Do you binge, eat in secret, or keep secrets about what you have eaten?

6. Are you embarrassed or ashamed about your weight or the way you eat?

7. Have you ever felt your life would be better if you were thinner or able to control your eating?

8. Do you envy people who are thin or appear to eat ‘normally’?

9. Do you use other substances in addition to food to change the way you feel?

10. Are your family or friends concerned about the way you eat?

11. Has your eating caused trouble at home, at work, or in your relationships?

12. Do you use, or have you used, laxatives, diet pills, exercise, starvation or vomiting to try and control your weight?

13. Is your eating adversely affecting your health?

14. Have you had or are you considering weight loss surgery?

15. Does the way you eat cause you physical or emotional pain?

If you find yourself answering “Yes” to more than one of these questions, it may be that you have a problem with food. If that is the case, AEA can help.

 To learn more, go to How AEA Works.

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