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Our Experience of Recovery

Members of Addictive Eaters Anonymous share their experience, strength and hope.


Do you try to control your weight by restricting food, eating small quantities or fasting? Are you obsessed with your body image and how you look? Have you used pills or compulsive exercise to control your weight? Find out how our anorexic members overcame these debilitating symptoms to find freedom from addictive eating.

Binge Eating

Do you go through periods of controlled eating and then binge? Do you find you can exercise willpower in certain areas of your life, but not where food is concerned? Does the way you eat baffle you? Find out how some of our binge eating members have found release from food obsession by working the

AEA Twelve Step programme.


Do you have a secret life where food is concerned? Have you used compulsive exercise, laxatives or vomiting to try and control your weight? Do you find it exhausting trying to maintain a ‘normal’ weight? Find out how our bulimic members have turned their lives around through the Twelve Steps of AEA.

Compulsive Exercise

Do you exercise compulsively to control your weight? Are you constantly at the gym, out running, or thinking about working out? Are you damaging your emotional, physical or psychological health by trying to get an ‘ideal’ body weight? Do you obsess about burning calories and exercise to compensate for eating food? Find out how AEA members found relief from compulsive exercise.

Feeling Depressed

Does the way you eat make you feel depressed or low? Has life stopped feeling good and lost its meaning? Does your eating cause you to feel listless or numbed out? Does your relationship with food make you feel isolated from family, friends and loved ones? Find out how AEA members have used the Twelve Step programme to overcome the low feelings associated with addictive eating and go on to live joyful, positive lives.


Are you always on diets but unable to stick to them? Are you preoccupied with your weight? Do you constantly think about food? Is your weight causing you health problems? Are you considering or have you had weight loss surgery? Find out how AEA members are finding relief from addictive eating, maintaining a healthy body weight and living happy, useful lives.


Do you obsess about your weight, food, or exercise? Is food just one of your many obsessions? Are you also struggling with alcohol or other mind-altering substances? Do you use mind-altering substances to change the way you feel? Find out how AEA members have put down the food and other mind-altering substances and found freedom from obsession.

AEA Stories

Any opinions expressed in these stories are those of the individual members, and do not necessarily reflect those of AEA as a whole.

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