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AEA Online Meeting Etiquette

  • The online meetings will open and be available for login approximately 20 minutes before the start time

  • Like a face-to-face meeting, please do not bring any food or drinks, and please refrain from moving around during the meeting

  • The online meetings will not be interrupted for individual technical difficulties  

  • It is suggested that devices are placed on a stable, flat surface positioned so your head and shoulders are in view in a room that has adequate lighting

  • All attendees at the online meetings are muted upon arrival to create a peaceful atmosphere

  • Attendees are encouraged to label their screens with their first name and city where they live, following these steps:

    1. click the “Participants” icon on the bottom or the top right corner of your screen

    2. on the sidebar that opens to the right, hover the cursor over your name

    3. select your name

    4. type your first name and the city where you live

    5. check, “Remember my name for future meetings” and press “OK”

  • Attendees will stay muted for the duration of the online meetings unless asked to share by the chairperson

  • To change the layout of your screen, choose between the Speaker or Gallery View by clicking the icon either on the bottom or top right of your screen

  • To see all the participants attending the online meetings, click the next page arrow or scroll down on your device

  • If asked to share, please un-mute yourself so you can share

  • If you experience any technical difficulties during the online meeting or would like to get in contact, please do not hesitate to contact us after the meeting (

Our primary purpose is to recover from addictive eating and help others to achieve sobriety.

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