Audio Stories 2017

These are the stories of how some of our members came to find a solution to their food obsession in Addictive Eaters Anonymous. Our membership is diverse with people coming to the fellowship from a variety of backgrounds, and these stories represent the experience, strength and hope of individual AEA members. Any opinions expressed in these stories are those of the individual speakers, and not necessarily those of AEA as a whole. 


Please see our Meetings Page for details of face to face meeting times and venues. We also have regular AEA Web Events where AEA members share their experience, strength and hope online. Participants can join the web event from their phone, desktop, mobile and tablet devices. All are welcome. See details of the next AEA Web Event.

"The craving for food has gone- December 2017

Joanne - December 2017
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"Nothing else mattered but food- November 2017 

Sandra - November 2017
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"Getting found out didn't stop me" - October 2017

Tina - October 2017
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"I thought I was so weak" - September 2017

Kate H. - September 2017
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"I was obsessed with my weight" - August 2017

Leonie - August 2017
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"The miracle happened for me" - July 2017

Anna - July 2017
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"I never expected a solution for my weight" - June 2017

Carla - June 2017
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